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50-State Strategy Mission Statement

“Traditional divide and conquer strategies have failed the Democratic Party and our nation's people. Triage is a prescription for failure. 50-State Strategy recognizes that people in red districts and red states are not ignorant, they are misinformed. The DNC, DSCC, and DCCC have repeatedly failed to provide messaging to these areas. We intend to change this long-term losing strategy by engaging Republicans in every district and in every state.”

1) 50-State Strategy will focus on voter registration, voter identification and get out the vote efforts in red districts—beginning with the 7th District in Virginia.

2) 50-State Strategy intends to provide active opposition to Republican members of Congress everywhere in our nation, leaving the DNC, DSCC and DCCC the ability to compete in swing districts.

3) We believe our efforts will help the national ticket by up to 3% of the popular vote and can make a difference in many swing states whose electoral votes are critical for victory.

4) We intend to make a long standing commitment to the discouraged and disaffected Democrats and Independents who are currently living in the midst of myopic Republican areas and are represented by the worst public officials in our nation.

5) We intend to use social media and grassroots efforts to inspire a new generation of voters, galvanize previous generations and to include and encourage under-represented ethnic populations to participate in our democratic process.

6) We intend to use truthful messages regarding the accomplishments of our President, especially in light of what he inherited upon taking office.

7) We intend to highlight the lack of a Jobs agenda by the current Republican majority in the house of representatives.

8) We intend to inform the public of the obstructionist policies of the House Republicans and their efforts to gain power by thwarting the positive approaches by the President and Democratic Senate.

9) We intend to enlighten citizens regarding our new national healthcare program that will save the Federal Government billions of dollars.

10) Finally, we intend to expose those who openly profess a desire to destroy our President and our nation in a cynical effort to deceive the American people and take political power for themselves.

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