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Eric Cantor Lies Again and Again

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Town Hall Attendees Boo And Scream Liar As Republican Paul Ryan Wants To Cut Taxes On Corporations




50 State Strategy is dedicated to providing support to every area of this nation to build a progressive base that can thwart the divided government caused by rightwing extremists.   The divide and conquer politics, used by both parties, needs to go on the trash-heap of history.  Our goal is to help increase progressive participation, educate our electorate, combat the FOX News echo chamber and give people a reason to vote for progressive candidates.

This is the strategy that helped propel President Obama to office in 2008 and was discarded in 2010 with the expected disastrous results.   Now we, the people, are bringing it back and organizing in every area of the country—using local organizations to expand the progressive voice in every community.

People in red states are not inherently ignorant.  But they have been ignored by traditional politics.  Our aim is to expand the universe of voters who have been under-represented and educate those who have traditionally voted against their own interests based on the false messages delivered by the rightwing.

50 State Strategy will boldly go where conservatives take their vote for granted.  We will fight for every vote in every congressional district in every state.   We may not win all of our battles, but we will increase the state and national turnout for progressives that are needed to secure victory.
Traditional politics will spend all of their money in “swing” states, spending lavishly on long discredited political attack ads that will attempt to convince a small population of undecided voters that the other side is worse than the progressive side.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Our strategy is to build a long-lasting political movement through voter registration, voter education and get out the vote efforts.   We will build on local, existing organizations—long ignored by the progressive poltical elite.  We will provide them with the necessary resources to engage real voters in a positive vision for our future—utilizing proven methods to increase voter participation.

That is the key to victory.  Less than 30% of our overall population identifies with the rightwing agenda, but their vote is proportionally larger due to a lack of participation from real Americans.  At 50-State-Strategy, we are determined not to let this paradigm succeed again.
Through your donations, we will seize the opportunity to empower the majority of America that rejects protecting the top 2% of wealthy Americans, who understand the benefits of a single-payer healthcare system, who defend a woman’s right to choose, and who believes that opportunity for all Americans doesn’t  apply to only the richest among us.

Please join us and donate today to defeat Eric Cantor and others who are destroying the American way of life.

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